Like singing...
but not if everyone's watching YOU?

At Raise the Roof, we sing chorus songs
(there's safety in numbers!)
Anyone is welcome to lead a song, or
just sit back and join in on the choruses...
It's up to you!

Have a listen...

8 pm, 2nd Thursday of every month (except August)

Raise the Roof is currently running an online singing session every month – every 2nd Thursday, but starting at 8 pm (rather than our usual 8.30 pm).

Unfortunately, we expect to be meeting online rather than in person for the foreseeable future, given the research showing that singing is a particularly high-risk activity WRT Covid-19, but we are really looking forward to being able to meet at the Red Deer again, once there is a vaccine (fingers crossed!).

If you would like to join our Zoom sings, send an email to raisetherooffolk@gmail.com and ask to be added to our mailing list, or call the number below.

You will then be sent our monthly reminder emails, with a Zoom link included.

2020-21 DATES

Oct 8th •Nov 12th • *Dec 10th (2020)
Jan 14th • Feb 11th • March 11th • April 8th • May 13th • June 10th • July 8th
Aug• Sept 9th • Oct 14th • Nov 11th • Dec 19th

*Would have been guest night

If you're new to Zoom, here are some handy links to instructions for using Zoom – and even for "Getting the Best Quality Sound".

NOTE: a new version of Zoom was released at the start of Sept, so the directions (for getting better sound) in the new version are different from the previous version...

Old Zoom: Here are instructions for Zoom meeting basics and enabling "original sound" on your devices (courtesy of the Golden Link Folk Singing Society of Rochester NY)
Mac or PC desktop/laptop
Apple iPad/iPhone

Some Android equivalents are shown; other controls should be similar, but may use different terms, and may show icons in different places.

"Original Sound/High Fidelity" is esp. good for singers with instruments, but most music seems to benefit. You can set up/attend a meeting with just you, solely to adjust your audio settings at any time here
(It will say Golden Link; don't worry about that – it's still just you.)
Sound settings in the New Zoom: A recent release of Zoom has brought, among other things, “High Fidelity Audio Mode” ("High fidelity music mode" in the application settings) to the Windows and Mac clients. The feature was announced in August and rolled out publicly on September 1, 2020 with the 5.2.2 update. Instructions are here:

Normally upstairs at the Red Deer
a real ale pub on Pitt Street, Sheffield, S1 4DD
take 51/52/95/120 bus or a tram to West St/Mappin St

Here is a clip of KIMBER'S MEN in action at our December 2014 party

Here is a clip of EUNSON & MATTHEWS in action at our December 2012 party

and here's a clip of MELROSE QUARTET at our December 2011 party!

for more info:



0114 275 1954 • 0114 235 2344

Come along for a good sing!